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worker in a lab coat standing on a cell phone working on a checklist and scheduling

Project Management

Being busy is great for any company, unless you cant keep track of all the different projects and all of your technicians. J and J was well established in the Electrical, Network and Mechanical world in not only Southern California, but across the nation. Obviously have projects and technicians spread across the county AND country can be daunting.

Initial training sessions were slow going and as with most companies that are not tech savvy, full implementation of all aspects of the new project management software took a few weeks. Once all the technicians were up and running, the average daily time and paperwork savings was about 1 to 2 hours per technician. With over 40 technicians working on a daily basis, that was a huge savings to the bottom line.

  • implemented a new project management software application

  • added Time Tracking software for any non technicians

  • added real time syncing capabilities for Quick Books field invoices

  • saved owner at least an hour per day of processing "paperwork"

  • eliminated technician confusion and daily calls as to their assigned projects

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